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WINK for 137

Help Us Bring the Change We Need

The signs are in! Contact me if you would like one and thank you! Together!!

Hartford needs Ellen Wink. She will bring a message of respect for you and your pocketbook. Your contribution to the Wink for 137 campaign will do a lot to get things moving.

  • The Cost of Connecticut. “ConnecticutCOST!” Connecticut has $14.4 billion available to pay $82.1 billion worth of bills. ● The outcome is a $67.8 billion shortfall, which breaks down to a burden of $51,800 per taxpayer. (per Truth in Accounting) The result squeezes older residents burdened by the growing tax burden, prevents younger families from moving to Connecticut, and directs a growing portion of the State Government finances into paying for debt rather than services and repairs.
  • Open Table of Conversation. Like it or not, the Connecticut public policy conversation has been guided to an unfair degree by entrenched politicians and labor unions. They deserve a place in the conversation, but so do the millions of residents currently left out of the decision making. These include small business people, families, the retired.
  • Devotion to Norwalk, not to an entrenched Hartford establishment. A pledge to vote for your constituents, recognizing that every dollar the State spends in Hartford comes out of their wallets.

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