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Where’s Chris Perone?

Where’s Chris Perone?

You better be sitting down when you open this month’s electric bill. It is up again. As you pay the bill remember that Representative Chris Perone is a member of the Legislature’s Energy and Technology Committee. That is the committee that the legislature web site explains, “has cognizance of all matters relating to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and energy planning and activities.”

The sticker shock comes despite actual savings in that part of your electricity that pays for the cost of generating electricity. Those savings were counterbalanced—and then some—by what The Hour reporter Alexander Soule describes as a “special deal the state gave the owner of Millstone nuclear plant in Waterford last year.”  Citizens are crying foul! In response, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has rolled back the increase. For now.

Legislators have known about the deal for years. Eversource notes that in 2017 the Legislature approved the policy requiring the power company to purchase power from Millstone. Eversource insists it opposed the policy then because it would “negatively impact customers.”

The legislative committee responsible for energy policy is Chris Perone’s Energy and Technology Committee.

And it is not just this time. Chris Perone has been in office for 10 terms. Electric rates in Connecticut are the second-highest in the nation, behind only Hawaii. Choose Energy reports Connecticut electric rates are 77 percent higher than the national average. Connecticut rates are nearly two- and one-half times those in Louisiana. And all of that was before the increase you saw in your bills this month.

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